What are Sewer Camera Inspections?

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What are Sewer Camera Inspections? One of the challenges involved in plumbing is identifying the source of a given problem, as it’s often impossible to look inside the pipes to figure out what’s wrong. However, modern technology can offer a solution to this problem—many plumbers, including ours at Smart Choice Plumbing & Air Conditioning, LLC, now use cameras mounted on flexible cables to examine pipes from the inside. One of the main applications for this technology is sewer camera inspections, in which our plumbers push the camera through your sewer line to inspect it and find blockages. In this article, we’ll go over more information about how this process works, so you get a better idea of what to expect.

  • The Cameras – First, we’ll provide a more detailed explanation of the cameras we use. The cameras used in sewer camera inspection are no more than an inch wide, and they are mounted on thin, flexible cables. When performing sewer camera inspections, the camera probe is inserted into the sewer line, then our team unspools the cable to push the probe through the pipe. Each probe also has a light to illuminate the pipe’s interior, and our team watches the footage in real time on a wi-fi equipped monitor.
  • Usage – Next, we’ll cover some examples of situations in which sewer camera inspections are used. One of the most common uses of these inspections is to locate blockages in the sewer line, but they can also be used to check out the general condition of the pipes and see if the sewer is up to code. We recommend getting a sewer line inspection if multiple drains in your property are clogged or if you are experiencing sewage backups. It’s also a good idea to get one before buying a new home, just to make sure the property’s sewer line is in good shape.
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