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Our plumbing experts use advanced leak detection equipment to find the issue.

Although water is a vital and precious resource, its presence can cause a lot of damage in places where it shouldn’t be. And since modern plumbing systems keep water flowing through structures at all times, a leak can happen at any time, often with little to no warning. Some of the signs you might have a leak in your home include rising water bills, signs of moisture or mold growth, or musty odors. But even if you suspect a leak, it’s often difficult to find it on your own, as pipes are often hidden behind walls and between floors.

Leak Detection in Boynton Beach, Florida

At Smart Choice Plumbing & Air Conditioning, LLC, we offer professional leak detection services. We can pinpoint the source of the moisture and solve the problem, whether that involves repairing or replacing a damaged pipe, putting in a new fixture, or performing a more intensive replacement service.

Although a massive leak will make itself known relatively quickly, a smaller leak can let out just a few drops of water at a time. But as time passes, those few drops can add up, resulting in a costly and damaging situation. Our plumbing experts use advanced leak detection equipment to find the issue. We can use our extensive knowledge and expertise to determine whether the leak is coming from a cracked pipe, a broken faucet, or a damaged appliance. You can count on us to perform leak detection to take care of your Boynton Beach, Florida home, and protect it from the ongoing effects of a leak.

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