Heating Inspection, Wellington, FL

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One of the best parts about living in the Wellington, Florida area is that the weather is warm throughout most of the year. However, it can still get cold during the winter months, and you may find yourself reaching for the thermostat to turn up the temperature. To ensure your home stays comfortable when it’s cooler outside, it’s important to schedule a heating inspection.

Heating Inspection in Wellington, Florida

Although every home and unit will have different needs, a heating inspection will typically follow the same general steps. Here are a few standard practices that occur during these appointments:

  • First, we will perform a visual inspection of your heating system’s components, looking for any signs of damage, wear, or corrosion. This may include checking your unit’s overall condition, including the visible piping and the combustion chamber.
  • We will assess the safety controls to ensure they are working correctly. We may test the pressure relief valve, temperature controls, and other safety devices.
  • If your heating system burns fuel, such as gas or oil, we will perform a combustion analysis.
  • We will look at the airflow within your heating system to ensure proper ventilation. This is crucial to prevent carbon monoxide and other harmful gases from building up.

A heating inspection can help you prevent emergency heating repairs, enhance the efficiency of your unit, and extend the lifespan of your system. Contact us at Smart Choice Plumbing & Air Conditioning, LLC to schedule your next heating inspection and to learn more about what this service includes.

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