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We use natural drain cleaning methods that won’t damage the pipes or drains.

It’s never fun when you realize one of the drains in your home isn’t moving as it should be, but luckily, you don’t have to face this problem alone. At Smart Choice Plumbing & Air Conditioning, LLC, we’ve got you covered with professional drain cleaning services. We serve property owners located in and around North Palm Beach, Florida, and we have all the training and tools needed to clear clogs of all sizes. You might be tempted to use a chemical drain cleaning product, but what you may not realize is that the chemical reaction that occurs within the pipe can cause significant damage and increase the risk of corrosion.

Draining Cleaning in North Palm Beach, Florida

There are many things that can cause a drain or pipe to clog, but we can address all these issues and get things flowing once again. We use natural drain cleaning methods that won’t damage the pipes or drains. This involves the use of a hydro-jetter, which emits water at high pressure to blast away all types of buildup and grime. The result is clean pipes that are less likely to accumulate additional buildup.

To protect your plumbing system, we recommend having your drains cleaned regularly. Doing so also reduces foul odors that can come out of your drains, reduces the risk of mold and bacterial growth, and prolongs the lifespan of your pipes. Whether you’re dealing with an active clog, or you want to prevent one from occurring, you can count on our drain cleaning experts to care for your pipes and plumbing components.

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